Easter Fashion: Pastels Are Popular, But Other Trends Are Moving In

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They look like Easter eggs in pastel pinks, greens, yellows and blues. The men wear bright bow ties and patterned pants. The women don dresses with bold colors or soft floral prints.

With baskets in hand, they run around the freshly cut grass searching high and low for plastic, candy-filled eggs. It's an Easter tradition for children, while their parents watch, hoping the kids don't get their new clothes dirty.

This year's spring fashion trends might make staying clean a little harder as whites and light colors take over clothes.

So, would you put your kid in white? Crazy, right?

But the color certainly screams spring when paired with baby blues and pastel pinks.

A look popular for both genders is chambray — or soft, almost blue jean looking material. It's seen this spring in button-down shirts for boys and dresses for girls.

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